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A personal manifesto as I head out on my own. Project post #2

August 3, 2010

Ba Dinh Sq, Ha Noi, June 2010

It is about 6 weeks now since I left my job as a curriculum coordinator in an international school in Japan and moved with my family back to Ha Noi. So what now? What is the grand plan? What is it that I want to do?

Well, after a period of decompression and reflection I have been able to give this some fairly serious thought and while I am a long way from the nuts and bolts of a specific project a personal manifesto for what I want to do is taking shape.

(a) I will attempt to design, nurture and sustain transformative learning environments.

Not moderately better than before educational contexts, not chipping away at old models but learning projects that are bold enough to make no assumptions about what learning should be and if necessary start from the beginning.

(b) I will ensure that the foundation and mission of a project’s goals be reflected in every level of the project itself.

There should be consistency in the pedagogical and ideological outlook of the project with the way the project is structured and organised. If the mission is to support openness and equality then that must be a feature of the project itself.

(c)  I will encourage all members of the educational project to be engaged in the experience of learning as an end in itself.

Of course we need skills and qualifications to get places, although often this element and its perceived importance crushes any of the more useful aspects of learning but the act of learning should be a rich and valuable experience in and of itself. Life is never a rehearsal, all experiences are important.

(d) I will work respectfully and constructively within the cultural context of the project.

Projects should equip students with practical and applicable tools and competencies to support them within any cultural setting.

(e) The learning environment, real or virtual, should be a well designed place of wonder and curiosity.

Learning spaces should be places where we can relax and reflect; challenge and be challenged. Light, sound, colour and texture matter enormously.

(f) Learning projects need to be open to learners from all cultural, ethnic, economic backgrounds.

I think people can only fully commit to projects, jobs and ideas in general when they feel that they are open and they benefit society as a whole.

This is what I have so far but I reserve the right to add, edit or delete as I see fit, I am after all on my own now.

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  1. August 3, 2010 9:54 pm

    Good luck. Interested to see what you pan out.

  2. August 4, 2010 4:27 am

    Like the look of where it’s all heading. Like E in particular, although I noticed you omitted taste? Might be a bit hard to introduce into a learning environment…

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