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What is the point of this space? An audit for my own blog.

November 15, 2009

Don Ledingham’s Learning Log, had the following questions to help people think about the role and purpose of their own blog. I liked the questions as they assume that a blog is about thinking so I thought I would attempt this reflection on my own attempts.

A Blog or a Learning Log?

When attempting to decide whether a blog is a learning log I’d suggest the following questions – if you can answer in the affirmative then it’s more likely to be a learning log:

1. Does the person reflect upon their own experiences?

I do but not as much as I should. I have stopped myself from publishing some draft posts that reflected on some of the difficult decisions and situations I have faced in my role as a coordinator. I called in an earlier post for open and honest debate, for people to use spaces like this to come put of hiding and respectfully explain their thinking. I need to do this more.

2. Does the person reflect upon their own effectiveness?

Not nearly enough. Linked to the first question but more important. Don clearly did this in his post “Do I add value?” Respect to him for publically reflecting on this. I cannot see how this wouldn’t help anyone who wants to think realistically about their own contribution to their work-place,  institution, community or society.

3. Does the person explore a range of issues connected to their learning focus?

I’ve tackled issues relating to my role but I’d like to do more. Again connected to 1 and 2, I have ideas about change and leadership that will be contentious within my institution but would be useful to communicate I think.

4. Does the person demonstrate a capacity to make use of others’ blogs/logs to enhance their own thinking?

Well this post is hitting the mark. Yes, I just wish I had more time to do this. I feel guilty that my son is watching the teletubbies next to me as I write this. I always try to acknowledge and engage with the people who have triggered my thinking. It is easy to ‘float’ on the internet without engaging with others. I am only starting to do this now, to make sure I comment on other people’s blogs and ideas and to link them to my own.

5. Does the person engage with those who comment on their Log?

I don’t think I have used this space reflectively enough to trigger others to comment. I hope that it will grow and I hope that as it does I will engage in debate more.

6. Does the person demonstrate a capacity to link back to previous posts to show progress in their thinking?

I need to write more to do this and I will, perhaps I will follow Stephen Downes’s thirty minutes a day rule. 

7. Does the person refer to research or other evidence to support their perspectives?

Pretty good on this and I agree that this is important. 

8. Does the person have a capacity to explore alternatives to current practice?

Sometimes too much perhaps. My job has, increasingly, become my hobby. As we move towards starting our own projects and learning spaces. I look forward to doing this more.

9. Does the person introduce readers to new resources?

New to me anyway.

10. Does the person demonstrate a shift in their thinking over a period of time which would indicate that learning is taking place?

As I mentioned in a previous post, unhinged by meddlers and tricksters, I found it unsettling to be as challenged as I was by some of thinking I have been doing around the CCk09 course I have been trying to keep up with. I think we have to be wary of simply assimilating new ideas into our existing thinking, to be only seeking those voices and thinkers that we think will add weight to ideas we are already comfortable with. A good question to periodically revisit. 

Right, need to take my son to the park before he turns into a teletubby. Apologies if you read this and there are mistakes, will edit soon…cc

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  1. November 16, 2009 8:57 am

    these are some good questions for reflection. i may do this myself as i have struggled with this concept trying to find my voice asking do i simply post, or do i blog?
    thanks for the share.

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