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Nudged out of hiding – a call for open and honest debate

April 4, 2009

I need to acknowledge Ewan McIntosh for nudging me out into the open here. I saw him speak, or perhaps more accurately, host discussions at the learning 2.0 conference in Shanghai earlier this year and since then my approach to the web both as an educator and as an individual has changed. I have lost the pseudonymsbridge, and have also led my students and the curriculum I coordinate out into the open.

Ewan’s advocacy for open and frank use of web tools and social networks led me to sign-up for a blog account. However, despite increasingly using blogs and web 2.0 tools in my day to day educational life, it has taken a while for me to actually start posting the blog posts I have written.

For a while, fear of this openess under my own name, fear that views expressed frankly on my blog could come back to bite me in my own educational insitutution and perhaps a deeper fear created by the inner critic that I would be judged harshly all stopped me posting, but if we are actually going to use web 2.0 tools for anything useful, then we need to come out from behind our anonymity and start using them to host honest and frank conversations. My role as a curriculum coordinator requires that I think and reflect on learning and I intend to do just that in an open and frank manner on this blog.

Therefore, if any members of the educational communities that I am part of are reading this blog and disagree, or are surprised, at any of the views expressed I hope you decide that engaging and furthering the debate is the best way to respond.

Obviously the views expressed are my own and not, necessarily indicative of the institution(s) I am or have been associated with.

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